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Skyrim Stuff!

Normally I play as a one handed swordsman with left hand empty (not a fan of shields) and alternate in some spell combos. Also using a short bow for quick sniping.

However, since I’m doing my first play through of Dawnguard (I hadn’t until now, go figure), I decided to try a different play style while I’m a member of the Dawnguard. Complete opposite. Crossbow while also using a two handed silver bastard sword. Let’s say my attacks are a crapton slower but it’s interesting to play this way.

Skyrim Gripe

I can’t stand that wild animals keep running after me when I’m traveling. 

I personally am not a fan of the fast-travel system, and I feel the carriages take way to much in-game time for it to make sense (almost three times to travel as compared to me riding on my own), so I ride my horse to every location (unless its a shitty quest that makes you go back and forth across the whole map for a fetch quest). 

It’s like 70% of the time, I have bears and wolves running out at me as I go along. 

Actually… I could have sworn I saw somewhere something that has all “wildlife” (skeevers, horkers, wolves, bears) ignore you and don’t attack unless you do so first. Anyone know about that? 

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