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Another frustrated rant.

Getting tired of my moms attitude about shit. She’s getting pissy at me for stupid stuff… However! I will say I’m proud of myself because I’m not yelling back. I’m keeping calm.

But I’m still mad deep down. Basically I need my stepdads tax info so I can get my financial aid stuff figured out for school, but he’s always so busy I don’t want to bug him so I ask my mom. Well she’s getting all pissed at me because I made a “tsk” noise today when she was asking me to fetch her something …while I was getting in my work uniform. Yeah of course I’d be annoyed . I’m about to leave the house to make money mom you should try it some time.

Yeah it’s getting silly; me, my step dad, step sister and sister all have jobs but my mom won’t because “it’s too hard to find one” (in an earlier post I outlined her absurd conditions)

But like she keeps threatening that she’ll be refusing to do this form for me . Sooo that’s meaning no school. I know she’ll break and do it eventually but I wanted to get it turned in tomorrow. She’s also excusing herself because I waited too long to do it already. Which to be fair is true it was due in April, or that was the earliest it could be turned it but yeah who cares it doesn’t effect it now.

Also I was trying to tell her a funny story that happened yesterday which involves a friend showing us his target sheets from practicing with his gun. She started getting really pissy about that too. But wouldn’t tell me why.

That’s why I’m frustrated . She’ll get mad or deny me from doing something but won’t explain why. I always try to calmly reply that I want to know why so that if something I’m doing is bugging her I’ll try to fix it. I’m literally offering to change a behavior(if it’s reasonable) so that everyone’s happy , but nope all she says is “because I am the parent”

Sorry that doesn’t mean shit to me ever since you started using the “because I am the parent” excuse to justify you yelling and screaming at me. No, being a parent does not excuse you from verbally abusing me .

So I don’t accept when she says that and ask for the real reason which she usually says “would you talk to your stepfather, father, boss” like that?

1) they don’t so no.
2) if they did.. Yes.

But main factor is that they don’t. So the point is invalid. And she knows it too because my stepdad doesn’t tolerate cursing when were together as a family. Like the only time he’s ever yelled at me when we were in the car and I was being a little piece of crap cursing and yeah. Which was deserved.

Anyway point of that is he doesn’t like that. If I tell my mom she’s out of line about something (like talking shit about my sisters)

When my stepdad IS home - don’t talk back go to your room, go away etc etc

When he isn’t home- “shut the fuck up”, or” go fuck off”

So basically she knows that it’s wrong but since she’s the only parent home she things it’s okay

And if anyone is gonna say the age old “just move out”, believe me I would if I could. As mentioned in a previous post shed been borrowing money from me a lot. It makes me a bit behind on my own plans for saving.

Sooooooo yeah






America: Where dudes can get unlimited boner pills that have no other medical use but women can’t get birth control pills that prevent cancers, regulate periods, help with menstrual cramping, prevent break outs, and help with…

Not sure I’m up to speed with that? Got a news article?

I mean…? it’s real life it’s happening right now? you can walk outside your door right now to buy viagra or condoms at the store and I need to go through complicated processes to get my hands on birth control for me its like… you can speak to any woman friend you have about this it’s been happening since forever or maybe you’re misunderstanding

Sorry not completely correct. You can’t LEGALLY get your hands on Viagra without a valid prescription. It’s just not legally possible.

However as condoms are over the counter, there are some equivalent female contraceptives.

I mean I’m (obviously) not a woman so I don’t know the exact process but I do know that you obviously have to go through some process because there’s A LOT of different types of birth controls (I can think of at least 5 on the top of my head) and the chemical make up is different and they gotta make sure there’s no serious stuff that happens because those can screw you up if taken improperly




America: Where dudes can get unlimited boner pills that have no other medical use but women can’t get birth control pills that prevent cancers, regulate periods, help with menstrual cramping, prevent break outs, and help with cysts.

I mean if they are referring to the fact the insurance companies aren’t paying for it, that’s crap because

1) I’ve never seen a copay for a months worth of birth control pills exceed $30.

2) 8/10 times the patient has no copay, or a very small one. I’ve seen someone pay $17 bucks for a three month supply

On the flip side, literally 99% of the time, the male patients can’t even get the full prescription for Viagra or Cialis.

Side note before I continue on that, those drugs aren’t strictly “boner pills”. They can be used for high blood pressure as well.

Anyway, let’s say the doctor writes the script for 10 tablets. Insurance won’t even allow more than 3, IF even that amount, and on top of that, it still cost the patient a lot of money, on average I’ve seen copays of around $100 for 3 tablets. EDIT: also, In either the birthcontrol or Viagra, the patient is still permitted to pay out of pocket full price, assuming they have a valid script. Nothing is stopping them.

-18 months Pharmacy experience

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